About our company

ALEX Ventures is a materials company that has been exploring the development and innovative use of ballistics technology.  The primary focus of our research has been developing energy transfer systems that allow manufacturers to produce lightweight and flexible armor designed to provide superior protection to both military and civilian personnel.  After years of intensive research, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of the ALEX Innovation Armor System.  


The ALEX Innovation Armor System is the only truly flexible armor in existence capable of defending against NIJ Level 3A threats.  The novel technology at the heart of our system distributes the force of the ballistic impact laterally across the face of the armor, significantly reducing blunt force trauma.  When this technology is used with the patented lightweight and bendable Interrupter insert, it eliminates the need for heavy, rigid ballistic plates which greatly reduce mobility and can cause injury due to physical strain.  The independent certification of our system by Chesapeake Testing--an independent, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory--has propelled us into an age where one is no longer forced to choose between superior protection and versatility. 


ALEX Ventures recognizes the significance of this paradigm shift and the implications that it has for the armor industry.  The technology used in the Innovation Armor System can be rapidly deployed and integrated by manufacturers into existing production processes to quickly create a distinct competitive advantage.   The ability to rapidly integrate our technology also creates a unique opportunity to quickly capture a large market share through a strategic relationship.  We are presently seeking a business partner with a demonstrated record of performance to help bring this technology to market.  We invite representatives of interested organizations to make use of our “Contact Us” section in the upper right portion of the screen in order to learn more.



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